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One of the things I'm trying to focus more on is activating myself and my followers to make a difference. This is the page where you can find links for ways to make a difference.

South Carolina links

S.591: Children’s Default to Safety Act Bill

S. 591 will require manufacturers of smartphones and tablets to automatically enable and passcode-protect the filters blocking material harmful to minors on devices activated in South Carolina, and subject them to criminal and civil liability for not doing so. It also prohibits individuals other than a minor’s parent or legal guardian from providing a passcode to remove the pornography filter for an internet-accessible device. (Childrens Trust of SC)

This bill will greatly reduce the likelihood of children being victims of human trafficking.

You can help right now by emailing the chair of the committee, Senator Shealy. You can click here for a script for you to copy into an email (Script provided by Lighthouse for Life) and then click here to email Senator Shealy

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