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Is Kara still pregnant?

She gave birth February 5 to a perfect baby girl.

Find the birth story here.

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When is Kara's due date?

Kara's "guess date" was January 25, 2024. 

So she's past her due date!?

Yup! Both of her previous pregnancies went to almost 42 weeks. The "due date" is just a best guess!

How is Kara feeling?

Pretty good! Having some aches and pains but that won't change much once the baby comes!

Is she SO READY to have the baby!?

Yes and no! While Kara is VERY eager to meet her baby girl, she is enjoying the quiet time before having a baby with her boys. 

Has Kara been having contractions or other signs of labor?

Kara has had pretty consistent Braxton hicks contractions for weeks. They have moved into the uncomfortable side of contractions with occasion but no other major signs of labor yet!

What does Kara need right now? How can I support her?

Kara doesn't really need anything! If you would like to support her, send all of the good thoughts and prayers her way for a safe, peaceful, speedy delivery and healing postpartum period. 

What is Kara's birth plan?

Kara plans on having a home birth surrounded and assisted by her husband and boys, doula, and midwife. 

Will Kara REALLY update this page when she has the baby?

YES! It's already drafted and saved, just have to hit publish!

What is the baby's name? Will we see her photo?

Kara has opted NOT to share her daughter's name at this time and will probably not share her face publicly. This is a personal decision made by Kara and her family to protect the privacy and consent of her children. Please respect that wish.

OMG! I have a birth story I want to share with Kara!

Please refrain from sending those at this time, especially if they are traumatic! The lead up to a natural labor is extremely important to protect her mindset and peace surrounding bringing this special girl to the world.

I have another question or comment!

Remember that while Kara does plan to share her birth story and the process to her comfort level while she is ready that she is still a very exhausted, very pregnant mama and to give her a little space and grace during this time. 

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