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Keynote Presentations

Kara is an experienced speaker for a variety of events. She has spoken to groups around the country since 2010. Her focus includes telling her experiences, encouraging people in overcoming adversity, and motivating attendees to make the most of their lives regardless of past experiences.

Some of her past speaking engagements include speaking at schools, to leadership groups, law enforcement and victim's advocacy groups, and more.

While Kara caters her presentations to the audience she presents to, her speaking engagements fall into these categories:

Case study with applications Keynote (Law Enforcement)
Kara presents her case with case file evidence. She then uses her experience as a survivor, work in law enforcement and advocacy, and in media to give applications for law enforcement to empower victims to become survivors without jeopardizing their work. 


Case study with applications Keynote (Civilians)

Kara presents her case with an appropriate level of detail for the audience. She then uses her experience as a survivor, work in law enforcement and advocacy, and in media to give applications for empowering victims or encouraging resiliency. 

Ethics in True Crime Keynote

Kara presents a conversation on the considerations of producing true crime ethically. Kara utilizes her background as a survivor, her previous work in law enforcement and victims advocacy, and her current work as a media-trained keynote speaker to provide insights on balancing the desire to tell true crime stories with the ethics of victim-supportive content. 

"Not Defined" speech

Kara gives an overview of her experience and recovery. She uses her experience to encourage listeners that you are not defined by the circumstances of your life and that you can choose strength, resiliency, healing, and growth. 

If you are interested in booking or would like her rate sheet and one sheet, please reach out here.

Escaping Captivity the Kara Robinson Story still


Kara's first television appearance was on John Walsh's show when she was 16 years old where she told her story and met the families of the victims of her captor. 

Since then, Kara has appeared on numerous other programs around the world, telling her story and helping to encourage survival. Some of those shows include "Dr Oz," "Smart Justice," "Crime Watch Daily," "On The Case with Paula Zahn," "Ashleigh Banfield" and more.

Kara was an executive producer on a documentary telling her story for Oxygen entitled "Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story" and worked on The Girl Who Escaped: The Kara Robinson Story which airs on Lifetime February 11, 2023.

Kara is a compassionate and well-spoken media-trained survivor who helps others to understand what it means to be a survivor, how to share their stories, and how to support loved ones in trauma.

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Kara Robinson Award

Other Media

Most recently, Kara participated in an interview for People Magazine which is the cover story (February 28, 2022) issue.
She has participated in interviews for online and print press internationally including People Magazine, BBC, Buzzfeed, Mirror, Studio 10, and more. 

Kara authored an article in Newsweek, found here

Kara's story has been featured on many podcasts including "My Favorite Murder," "Voices for Justice," "Team Never Quit," "Appalachia Mysteria," "Reppin," "SOS 360," "I am Power," "Self Love Podcast," "Flip Your Script" and many more.

She has also been featured on radio stations in the US, UK, Australia, and Dubai.

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