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Kara is an experienced speaker for a variety of events. She has spoken to groups around the country since 2010. Her focus includes telling her experiences, encouraging people in overcoming adversity and motivating attendees to make the most of their lives regardless of past experiences.

Some of her past speaking engagements include speaking at schools, to leadership groups, law enforcement and victim's advocate groups and more.

Here are some testimonials from people who have worked with Kara.

"Kara Robinson Chamberlain is the embodiment of a champion. She not only freed herself and survived this horrific experience but she is thriving. Kara turned that pain into power. Now, she's out in front giving other victims voice, courage, strength and inspiration to move forward. The lessons and perspectives Kara shares are universal-because it's ultimately about moving through trauma, emotions and hardships. Kara is a powerhouse and everyone needs to hear her story."
- Evelien

"Kara is AMAZING. She is a charismatic and engaged speaker and was just a great person to have at our event. She was able to share her story in a very trauma informed way without turning the conversation into a "doom and gloom" event. She was encouraging, optimistic and very inspiring. I'm so glad I had the chance to work with Kara because she left a lasting impression on how I work with survivors and she's become a great friend and ally to me and the organization I work with."
- Aniko

"I heard Kara speak at the Iowa association of Womens police conference. She was engaging, personable and an amazing speaker! I started following her on social media and she has such dedication to the gym it is so motivating!!"
- Kelli

"Kara is a shining example of what it truly means to be a fighter and survivor. I can only hope to live my life with as much grace and tenacity as she exudes"
- Georgia

 Kara's episode on the Passion Struck podcast is one of my most downloaded and fan favorites because of the authenticity, passion, and vulnerability with which she tells her story. More importantly, Kara is using what happened to her to bring awareness and healing to others. Highly recommend her for speaking engagements and audiences who desire inspiration and someone who is passion struck about their meaning in life.

- John

"Kara shared her experience in a way that held everyone's attention and there wasn't a single person in the audience that wasn't captivated by her. We were lucky to know about Kara through our law enforcement family, and I feel confident to say that if we found out that Kara was speaking close to us we would make sure to find a way to listen to her again. Kara is one of the strongest people there are and her story is extremely empowering to everyone who is lucky enough to attend and know her."
- Erin

"Kara was a wonderfully engaging speaker at our recent Summit. Kara's perspective, powerful delivery, and candor captivated our audience and had people talking for weeks. We would absolutely recommend Kara to anyone looking to have an impactful conversation about advocacy and supporting survivors."
- Beth

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