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This is a list of the companies that Kara has partnered with in some capacity. 

Cold Case Foundation badge logo

Cold Case Foundation

Kara joined forces with the Cold Case Foundation as a member of their Investigative Support Team. She is very passionate about helping solve cold cases that her captor may be responsible for as well as assisting the CCF with providing training from a survivor-centric mentality.
Cold Case Foundation exists to be the ultimate resource for homicides, missing persons, unidentified remains and rapes/sexual assaults with serial characteristics.


Lenora Claire Consulting

Lenora claire Consulting black and white

Lenora Claire Consulting exists to ensure productions are providing both a platform and a safe space for victims/survivors to share their stories with dignity during their most vulnerable moments. 
Over the years of sharing her story publicly, Kara has experienced a wide range of treatment by media. She has partnered with LCC to help ensure that victims have ethical and trauma-informed treatment within media interactions. 

Affiliate Partnerships

These are companies that Kara personally uses and believe in and has chosen to partner with in an affiliate or link-based way. Shopping with these companies supports the content that Kara creates on social media. Please be sure to read the captions for applicable discount codes. 

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