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Perspective changes everything.

Welcome, yet again, to my blog. I have sorely neglected this space and yet, my heart overflows with thoughts and compassion and this is the outlet I should be sharing it in no? If you follow me on IG, you may have noticed something happening in my stories: We are moving! Not just ANY move, selling our almost 3,000 sq foot home in the suburbs and moving into our fifth wheel on the lake. WHEW! Big changes folks. But listen…I think you will agree that the views make it worth it.

The land belongs to a family friend who is letting us stay there as long as we may need. So last week was a frenzy of preparing the house for listing and preparing the site for the camper.

BUT WE DID IT! We spent Thursday through Monday night at the lake, and it’s safe to say none of us were ready to come home. The boys have friends all around them that just show up on their various motorized vehicles and they hop on the paddleboard and paddle off, grab their fishing poles or head off into the woods together to play. It’s such a simple joy to watch their friendships blossom.

Alas, it was back home and back to responsibilities last night and what do you know, the creative juices started flowing.

This morning as I was driving my kiddos to school, I taught them (and myself) an important life lesson, as is often the case.

One son mentioned that he knows we are almost to school because of the gas station on the corner.

The other son said he knows because of the church on the corner.

I explained to them that we are at the same light and they both see different things because they are looking out of different windows and that is how life is a lot of the time: two people can be standing in the exact same place and see totally different things.

It is all about PERSPECTIVE.

So as survivors, moms, humans just trying to get through life, if things aren’t looking great, maybe change your perspective. Maybe borrow someone else’s.

How do you change your perspective?

You focus on things that bring you joy and peace. You really recognize and seek those things. You remember the things that brought you joy as a child and you indulge in them. You become a joy seeker.

You move your body. Exercise is not only a source of taking care and honoring your body, it makes you stronger which makes you more confident. It also gives you endorphins! As the wise Elle Woods once said “Happy people don’t shoot their husbands.” So that’s a bonus.

You pray (or whatever your equivalent is). Prayer allows you to change your perspective to what truly matters AND it often relieves some of the burdens you may be feeling.

You get sunshine. The sun is POWERFUL for so many reasons y’all! It helps your body regulate its wake/sleep cycle and the hormones associated with it. It helps your body produce vitamin D which helps you not get sick as often. And DRUMROLL…It actually helps increase dopamine! How cool is that!?

Practice some self care and some gratitude journaling. Self care is this trendy weird word that just means take care of your dang self y’all. But one of the most powerful ways to shift your perspective is gratitude journaling. By simply taking a few moments every day to focus on the things you are thankful for in your life, your perspective will begin to shift to living in that gratitude more often.

So maybe give some of these things a try! Little by little, your perspective will shift, and what a beautiful thing that can be.

Have you tried to shift your perspective recently?

LYMI crew 🤍🤍


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