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I want to be a buffalo

I heard recently that buffalos run toward the rain and it stuck with me. (You may even remember that I talked about it on the podcast)

The general idea is that buffaloes know they spend less time in the rain if they run TOWARD the storm. Alternately, if they run FROM the storm, it will eventually catch them.

From the information I’ve found, that’s possibly true but, at the very least, they turn their bodies towards the rain so their thick head and neck fur can protect the rest of their body.

It has me thinking about how we approach hardship and difficulty.

Do we run from the storm, knowing it (or some other storm) will eventually catch us?

Or do we put our best face forward and turn towards the storm, knowing it’s coming, we are strong and will withstand it?

Or do we run headfirst into the storm so we can get through it faster?

I’ll tell you friends, my instinct is to run away when hardship comes. To disconnect and go at it alone.

But in the face of adversity last night, I recognized it happening. My urge to run and to disconnect from everyone.

I would also be lying if I told you that I didn't cry and wallow a little. Because I did both.

And then? I chose to be a Buffalo.

To gather my herd around me.

To face the storm as it comes.

And to get ready to run toward the rain if it’s necessary.

lymi, Kara


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