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In June of 2002, at 15 years old, I found myself in a position I wouldn't wish on anyone; in a hospital exam room, waiting on a nurse to give me a sexual assault exam. I had just endured 18 hours of abuse at the hands of a stranger.

When I returned home, I simply wanted everything to return to "normal," because I didn't feel like I was affected by what happened. I had disconnected from my body and emotions which would lead to 15 years of a lie I told myself of not being impacted by my trauma.  

When I discovered how my trauma had impacted me around the age of 30, I was well outside the window of being able to receive victim's assistance for therapy. I wasn't in a position to pay for therapy out of pocket to help process my trauma so I had to find ways to heal that were accessible, easy, and free. 

I began healing my body by taking care of it. The body that was abused was receiving love and care that allowed it to feel safe and begin to heal. I started exercising regularly and I developed a skin care and gratitude practices. These activities kept me grounded in my day and my body, and allowed me to begin to heal.

It is because of this journey that I started this mission: giving women who have experienced assault the gifts to begin to heal. I believe there is something beautiful and healing about taking care of a body that's been abused and I hope that you experience what I have. 


In your bag you will find tools to take care of your skin and body, for journaling, and even a full fitness routine and bands so you can exercise wherever you are. 
I have gathered these donations from brands and from my followers on social media so that you may know that you are believed, you are loved, and you are not only worthy of healing but capable of healing. I believe in you!

I have provided links, information, and discounts on the items and brands in your bags below. 

If you should ever have any questions or thoughts, please don't hesitate to reach out to me here on my website, via email, or on Instagram

Hi, I'm Kara, 

and I have a gift for you, to help you on your healing journey.


In your bag, you will find...

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